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     Driving Momentum, Inc. is a committed team of professionals with more than 50 years of combined domestic and international transportation and distribution experience. Customer focused and cost centered, Driving Momentum concentrates on providing only the best professional drivers while maintaining the highest standards in the industry. Quality service, high caliber personnel and the latest technology helps us to gain a premier status in every market we serve. A flexible and requirement sensitive company, Driving Momentum manages an around the clock operation to meet your needs.

Long Haul or Local Domestic or International
Refrigerated, Flatbed, Dry Van, Tanker, Hopper, Feed
Conveyor, Livestock or Special Equipment

Customer Focused:
Round the clock operations.
Dedicated driver program.
24 hour, 7 day per week customer service and dispatch.
Customer designed driver programs.
Arrange all necessary travel.
Quick problem resolution.
Owner availability.
Accurate and timely invoicing.

Quality Minded:
DOT Quality professional drivers.
High standards of honesty and integrity.
Flexibility in customer designed driver programs.
Customer pricing programs.


Cost Sensitive:
Continuously examining means for cutting cost.
Researching new technology such as EDI and EFT to add efficiency.
Market driven pricing.

Full time driver recruiting staff on hand.
100% DOT qualified drivers.
On site owner management.

Full time driver recruiting team dedicated for over twenty five years.
Wide array of clients including Fortune 500 as well as the smallest entrepreneurship.

Driving Momentum, Inc.
17024 Butte Creek Suite 107
Houston, Texas 77090
Fax: 281-893-3390
Driving Momentum USA, Inc.
2025 Irving Blvd #102
Dallas, TX 75207
Fax: 214-651-1034
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